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CBF's Bank
1. What is CBF BANK?
  • You lock CBF (any period from 1 day to 4 years) in the CBF Bank to receive xCBF token as a receipt. (Proportionally, the longer you lock, the more xCBF you will receive. A 4-year lock will give a 1:1 ratio of CBF to xCBF conversion.)
  • By just holding xCBF, everyday you get BUSD reward from 4% CBF trading volume, plus 1.16% CBF interest (auto-compound to 6,633.17% APY for you). You will get back your locked amount after 60 days if you lock for 4 years.
  • BUSD rewards are calculated based on your proportion percentage of the overall xCBF in circulation, this percentage gives you a proportional access to the funds accumulated from the pool collected from the 4% CBF trading volume, accumulated from the buy & sell tax.
  • xCBF holders can vote in CBF DAO governance for important factors such as transaction tax change...
  • You can unlock xCBF before time but 80% of your locked CBF will be burnt.

2. Why CBF Bank is an innovative feature that helps the CBF system long term?

How does CBF Bank play a crucial part in keeping CBF value sustainable long term?
  • The more people that lock their CBF to xCBF, (usually from 2 weeks to 4 years), the fewer CBF tokens are in circulation. The price of a token is based on supply/demand. So xCBF will help reduce the supply and increased the demand of CBF as new investors will have to purchase from the limited supply in circulation, this will support the CBF price, long term.
  • The more CBF that is locked, the less new CBF is printed. This is due to the fact that when you lock your CBF to xCBF you receive the BUSD from the 4% of CBF transaction volume and about 1.16% CBF rewards everyday compounded to 6,633.17% a year. If you don't lock your CBF you will receive 2.5% rewards everyday. So 50% less CBF is printed for all locked xCBF which means less inflation.
  • xCBF is a way for CBF holders to receive BUSD rewards, this means that holders don't need to sell their CBF to take profits or, if they do sell to take profits, they will sell less to realize their profit when added to the accumulated BUSD. So less selling pressure means better support price.
  • Many people will appreciate their income in BUSD because it feels safe being pegged to the USD. Rewarding BUSD in this market makes CBF more attractive in the eyes of potential buyers, raising buying pressure and lowering selling pressure is achieved and this is very important for the project long term.
  • New users will be comforted to see the diamond handed mentality of the CBF userbase, knowing that so many users have put such trust into a project, for such an extended period, in a climate where projects are failing after a few weeks, knowing that there is a strong core base of long term investors, who have locked their $CBF for years, guaranteeing the foundation of the project, will help to stabilize and grow the value of the token over time.
Summary: As you can see by locking you CBF in the CBF bank, not only benefits you (return within 60 days) but also benefits all CBF holders and provides a great sense of community and longevity for new people entering into the system.

3. Locking Mechanism explained.

The locking period will range from 1 week to 4 years, the basic idea is the longer the time you lock, the higher the number of xCBF you will have. You can only keep or increase the lock time, you cannot lower your lock time.
So before you lock your CBF you should consider how long you will commit your CBF to this function.
You can unlock your xCBF to CBF before the time ends but you can only receive 20% of what you locked, the rest, the remaining 80% will be burnt.
Therefore before locking your $CBF you should also decide how many percent of your CBF will be used to lock for xCBF to receive passive income in CBF and BUSD.
When you calculated the percentage, let's say for example that we will lock 30% of our total CBF, you should then decide how long you will lock your 30% CBF for xCBF.
If you lock the CBF for 4 years, your exchange of CBF for xCBF will be 1 CBF is equal to 1 xCBF
if you lock your CBF for 1 year which is equal to 365 days, 1 CBF = 365 / (365*4) = 0.25 xCBF
Of course if you are not satisfied, you can increase your lock at anytime to receive more xCBF.

4. How to calculate my daily BUSD rewards.

The rewards depend on 2 factors.
The first is daily volume.
The second is your share percentage of the total locked xCBF
If the daily volume is high but the number of locked xCBF is also high your rewards might be lower than on other days, but during this time you will still be getting your daily rewards paid out in CBF equal to 2%.
If the daily volume is high and the number of locked xCBF is low meaning you can have a larger percentage of the total xCBF you will receive a larger share of the rewards, and will also continue to receive your daily payout of 2% CBF also.
As you can see your daily takings in BUSD depend a lot on daily volume and how others are engaging with the CBF bank on a daily basis.
The beauty of CBF Bank is there will be a period of fluctuation in the early days as things settle down, but as the nature of the token will push people to lock their tokens for the maximum amount of time, this will mean a large percentage of all tokens will be locked, so will not fluctuate daily, this means that over time the amount of BUSD received by a user will also level off over time, as people find a spot where their BUSD rewards satisfies their requirements.
CBF Bank Wallet Address: 0xE6eCd14cB5c4Fa198669EEE675b0Afb27c9eD1B9​