Circle Base Finance

Social Game

CBF's Social Game
NFT Owners use their own NFT as a citizen to play Circle Base Social Game
The CBF Social is a virtual miniature society that is comprised of "Business" and "Citizen". Each is rich in its characteristics, and waiting to be explored.
Business: Similar to the real Circle Base, Businesses are the most important and valuable resources in the CBF Social. Issued as non-fungible tokens (NFT), Businesses can be owned through the bidding method.
Citizen: Each NFT in CBF NFT Collection is shown as a Citizen. NFT will be minted using $CBF, a part will be airdropped in special events. The duties of citizens are divided as follows:
  • Dimond NFT: in charge as Manager of Tier 1 Businesses: Bank, Investment Fund, Corporation
  • Gold NFT : in charge as Manager of Tier 2 Businesses: V.I.P Club, Art Gallery, Movie Theater
  • Silver NFT: in charge as Manager of Tier 3 Businesses: Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Super Market
  • Iron NFT: in charge as Employee of Businesses
Players who haven't owned NFT can join Circle Base Social as Guests.
In Circle Base Social, We sell Banner Ads, and work with KOL to create events such as Livestream, AMA, to attract more Guests to come. The revenue stream will be shared to the Business Owners, the Managers, and pay Salary for Employees. The higher Tier of Business, the more share from the Revenue Stream.